Most South Korean Public Broadcasting News are just reports of accidents


  • Public broadcasting is easy to access and spread fast-forward.
  • Time and Energy for accepting news for audience is limited.
  • In any forms or systems, the contents of news are filtered and selected.
  • We need time. South Korean modern era is just about 70 year (after independence) for mature culture and pain and growth


  • On previous fucking 2MB memory president(Lee Myung-bak), major public broadcasting’s head are replaced under their choices.
  • (efficiency, study & working hard is good, but…) under the name of all-mouth-efficiency, money-seeking, old discipline corrupting us.
  • When every part of conservatives are closed minded & closed eye, regardless of their policy, there will be no sunshine even to conservatives.


Pretty Sick of the news from public broadcasting (including Tv, radio)
some are good , but most of their contents are not journalistic, criticising, analytic, objective and foreseeing.

how could it be valuable to spend precious time and efforts for just reporting single fire accident, car accident.
how could it be contribution to our society in every small ways to the fundamentally.
how could it be least objective to dealing with contents. It’s our nation. It’s Korean news. why do they distort, bend and manipulate.

It’s not a just complaint, I’m talking about BASICs. I can’t trust them. Some of Koreans neither. Some of are trust with blind eye. 

I can see that. individuals gathers and make groups like One Person. every form of group are not perfect. every individuals are not perfect neither.

but if I’m a cell of One Person, I hope my body be more healthy in physiologically and psychologically under basic manner.

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