just start to read ‘Polyglot programming’ written by Baekjun Lim

 It’s gonna be fun fact that I can learn a lot of things.

 Every part of programming are diverse and never have been late or lame.

 Always new techs are dawning upon us with beautiful features for better abstraction, better imagination, much higher performance with easy like artists, magicians or mechanics.

 Some people think ‘computer programmer’ is 4D (3D + death) in Korea, but I Do challenge to be.

To be a real fnatic programmer.

 I wish. I hope to be a brilliant programmer working better place.

and I will overcome my late starting programmer courier.


Ref. Book:

[폴리글랏 프로그래밍 Polyglot programming : 새로운 자바 언어를 기다리는 히치하이커를 위한 안내서] written by 임백준 Baekjun Lim

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